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Distance Healing

Reiki - £60 Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code - £90 Animals - £60

  • 1 h
  • From 60 British pounds
  • Worldwide

Service Description

For children, adults and animals. Everything is energy. The words we speak, the thoughts we think, the chair you are sat on, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Energy has no boundaries, and so with positive intention and using the Reiki healing energy, Claire can connect to the person or animal using their name and a photo if available, to rebalance their energetic system to promote healing. If you have chosen an Emotion Code, Body Code & Belief Code session, Claire will send you a report of her findings, including how long it will take for you to process or integrate the session and if another session is required and how long you should wait before booking again. Distance healing has proved invaluable during the lockdowns over recent years and Claire is often asked to send healing to family members who are poorly in hospital, or care homes where visits are not always possible. Claire regularly does healing for animals of all shapes and sizes and has found that a mix of Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code and Reiki is a powerful combination and has achieved some amazing results. We can set intentions for your healing session to focus on a specific illness, emotion, discomfort in your body or even a future event. Permission should always be sought where possible and healing is always sent for the highest good of all concerned.

Contact Details


25 Grist Mill Close, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

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