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Emotion Code, Body Code &
Belief Code

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I’m very excited to share that I have just qualified as a Belief Code Practitioner and already, I have heard some really positive results from the 30 case studies that I completed. Some of my regular clients have also been able to experience how quickly and easily they can release belief systems going back to childhood and have been really pleased with the results.  It really is a little piece of magic and transformative. (08/12/2023)

I became a certified practitioner of the Emotion Code and Body Code in 2019 and just loved how easy it was to use a form of kinesiology called energetic muscle testing to detect a trapped emotion or misalignments, toxins, pathogens and more in the body. I regularly use this system on myself, my pets, clients, family and friends with great success.

Every thought and word we speak has a unique energetic frequency and vibration that affects both the speaker and the recipient. Therefore, it is so important to be mindful of our speech and thoughts, particularly negative internal dialogue, which can be a type of self-sabotage.


The Emotion Code


When we experience an emotion, it can become trapped in our body and disrupt the natural flow of energy, leading to physical or emotional pain. Each has its own vibrational signature which allows us to identify and release these trapped emotions so we can restore the flow of energy in our body and promote healing.


The Emotion Code is comprised of 60 emotions in a chart. Using energetic muscle testing, we can quickly find a Trapped Emotion and remove it from your body. We can ask questions about what age you were, if it was connected to another person or an organisation. We can also use the Body Code to find out where in your body the energy of the emotion was stuck. 




The Emotion Code also draws upon the concept of the "Heart-Wall," which is a protective barrier that the body can create around the heart in response to emotional pain or trauma. This Heart Wall can prevent individuals from experiencing love, joy, other positive emotions, and can even contribute to physical ailments. By identifying and releasing trapped emotions behind the Heart Wall, individuals can experience emotional healing and a greater capacity for love and connection.


The Body Code


The Body Code discovers imbalances which can include misalignments, toxicity, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies and other energy imbalances. By identifying and correcting and releasing these, you and your animals can experience improved physical health, emotional wellbeing, and increased energy levels.

Systems included in the Body Code are -
Immune and Lymphatic


The Belief Code


The Belief Code is designed to remove negative belief systems in the subconscious mind with this groundbreaking new form of energy healing. A belief is a subjective view held by the subconscious mind that something is true or false, right or wrong, and is the filter through which life is viewed and experienced. Belief systems may be made of negative programs, limiting beliefs, faulty core beliefs, broadcast messages, images, trapped emotions, and more. By using muscle testing, you can ask the subconscious mind yes or no questions to determine what may be holding you back from aligning with your highest self or achieving your goals.

The Belief Code uses mind-mapping technology to allow the subconscious to lead practitioners to the belief that needs to be addressed. The Belief Code is comprised of seven main categories listed below, with subcategories beneath each, and cascading lists of both negative and positive beliefs. This results in an incredibly efficient process of finding and releasing unwanted beliefs.

  1. Divine

  2. Communication

  3. Insight

  4. Power

  5. Love

  6. Passion

  7. Survival


Each session can be run in person in my relaxing healing room, distantly by email, phone or video call – Skype, Teams, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc
Sessions for animals can be held in person if local to me in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, or can be done by email – I just need a name, age and photograph to work from.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or of course book your session here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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