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Equine & Animal Healing
Cheltenham & surrounding areas

Passionate about animals and dedicated to their well-being, I have been practicing Reiki, The Emotion Code and Body Code sessions for several years. I have even applied the Belief Code on my own dogs, uncovering fascinating insights.

These energy healing modalities work wonders for all animals. Whether in-person or through distant sessions with just a photograph, I can quickly and easily connect with their energy. After each session, I provide a comprehensive report detailing information about Trapped Emotions, misalignments in their bodies, organs, glands, meridians, and more.

My commitment is to balance, heal, and align the chakra system of your beloved pets, ensuring their energy is harmonised and in balance. This facilitates an easy healing process, though the physical changes may take a few days. Remember to provide plenty of fresh water for your animals post-session.

Sessions are tailored to your preferences:

  • Online Sessions: Connect with me while I work with your animal, discussing what comes up for healing

  • Email Sessions: Simply send a photo, along with your animal's name, age, and your main concerns.

  • In-Person Sessions: If you're local, I can visit your location or you can bring smaller animals to me.


Ready to explore the healing journey for your beloved animals? Feel free to reach out for a complimentary Discovery Call.

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